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More on the Holocaust History Project fire

An update to the arson at the Holocaust History Project that I first discussed on Wednesday.

A local news report showing the extent of the damage to the offices of the Holocaust History Project and including an interview with Harry Mazal can be found here.

Not unexpectedly, the cockroaches are crawling out of the woodwork on some discussion boards. A Holocaust denier under the ‘nym of “Lurkerthe” (you’ll need to scroll down a bit). I knew it wouldn’t be long before deniers tried this gambit, or some variation thereof:

Hats off to Mazal. He is smarter than I thought.

A nice little insurance scam! Obviously THHP being an entirely internet endeavour there are no “THHP offices” – especially not in industrial warehouses. Data being obtained and posted at individual members computers all over North America.

And I think we can all have a good guffaw at the idea of Harry doing “good work” for mexican schools.

And another guffaw for the idea that revisionists somehow snuck into this warehouse and found the offices or upper floor (where ol’ Harry had stuck the stuff he wanted insurace on) and set fire to it.

In a single blow he gets rid of some surplus stock, claims overpriced insurance, blames phantom Neo-nazis, makes a handsome profit and gets to do the Jewish cultural practice since time immemorial of displaying his seeping sores in public (ie act the victim)

Truly, a credit to his ethnicity!

I would urge “Lurkerthe” to look at the news report and see what was damaged. Not that it would do any good with a someone like him.

Hate-filled idiots like “Lurkerthe” are what we’re up against.

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