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Cinema science: Actual surgeons doing science! In the 1940s!

Last night was grant crunch time to get a truly serviceable draft to my collaborators today as promised, leaving enough time to revise it by the February 5 deadline. That means the blog has to take a hit today, which is a shame, because Joe Mercola and Age of Autism have laid down some idiocy […]

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Shorty Awards “fraud”: The evil Illuminati-Mason-Pharma-Vaccine axis of evil succeeds in its conspiracy!

Oh, yes, my brothers and sisters, we have done it! My pharma paymasters are very, very pleased indeed with me and all of their other blogging and Twittering minions. Very, very pleased indeed. In fact, they are cackling with glee over the discomfiture of one of their greatest enemies, Mike Adams, a.k.a. The Health Ranger! […]

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Stay classy, Dr. Joe. Stay classy.

It’s amazing how these “natural” medicine mavens reveal their true nature when faced with a little adversity. As you may recall, Mike Adams was eliminated from the running for a Shorty Award in Health, thanks to the cluelessness of his fans and followers. He immediately erupted into tirades full of conspiracy-mongering, as well as a […]

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Unforgivable medical errors

And now for something completely different. I’ve been on a bit of a tear the last few days beating on Mike Adams, someone who arguably deserves the title of Woo–meister Supreme, but it’s important to remember that defending science-based medicine is more than just having a little fun every now and then slapping down quacks. […]