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Out of work due to woo

EoR reports that in Australia, legislation has been passed that allows people other than doctors to issue medical certificates for absences from work, including pharmacists, nurses, acupuncturists, and physiotherapists. Quite naturally, he wonders when the “the reikiists, the homeopathists and the therapeutic touch” practitioners will want the same privileges and imagines the sorts of letters […]

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The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons: Medical “science” as dubious as it gets

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons appears to be a legitimate medical professional group. It’s not. It’s a far right wing group of doctors masquerading as a professional society. Its journal reflects that by being packed with pseudoscience and antivaccine misinformation.

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The Pooflinger muscling in on my territory?

It’s good to see the Pooflinger back in action. It really is. I don’t even mind that he’s starting to muscle in on my territory, because, as he points out, alties need poo-love too. In the process He’s unearthed a “gem” of altie wackiness that even I had never encountered before. Better still, he’s returned […]

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Mercury and autism: Foreordained conclusions?

Light blogging today, as I’m in the O.R. (Although there will be one more brief post, which, thanks to the wonders of Movable Type’s ability to let me schedule a time when posts are published, will be appearing early this afternoon, while I’m still working.The reason why I’m delaying it will, hopefully, be apparent.) Light […]

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One last word on the Geiers: So good it shouldn’t be buried in the comments

I was going to give this a rest for a while, but this is too good not to post a brief note about. Posted in the comments of my piece debunking the Geiers’ pseudoscience and their laughable “scientific” article claiming to show a decrease in the rate of new cases of autism since late 2002, […]