Hitler Zombie

The undead Führer hungers for another logo

I think I may have found the guy to help me take care of something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, produce a dedicated picture of a certain recurring character. Do you think this guy could help me out? Would it be worth $80? Should I e-mail the guy? I like the […]

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Hitler Zombie massacre over evolution!

Things had been quiet. Too quiet. So quiet that Orac couldn’t even enjoy his usual recreational pastime of analyzing limericks and jokes linguistically in order to try to understand what made them so amusing to the humans among whom he was forced to exist. Even probing the perturbations in the electromagnetic fields caused by the […]

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Baseball and the never-ending hunger

Deep within Yankee Stadium, a timeless evil had arrived (well, an evil around 61 years old, anyway–well, 117 years old if you count its entire existence) shambling through the dark service corridors and halls, on a never-ending quest to satisfy its unquenchable hunger. Why it had come to this place, it did not know. Perhaps […]

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Jon Stewart on idiotic Hitler analogies

With the appearance of the Hitler Zombie twice in less than a month on this blog, Andrew Mathis was inspired to send me this YouTube video. He’s right; it’s perhaps the best commentary I’ve heard about the use of the Hitler analogy or argumentum ad Nazium to demonize one’s political opponents.

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The monster strikes again

In the quiet and still of the crypt, something stirred. It was barely perceptible at first, but became more definite. It lived again. In the depths of what remained of its mind, only sheer instinct prevailed. It had fed long and well recently, and had returned to its crypt to digest its unholy meal. Some […]