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The creationists asks: Science refutes its own laws?

Here’s the finale of my audience participation project for today. I’ve saved the “best” for last. This short video, called Science Refutes Its Own Laws?, is the target. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to answer the questions contained therein and/or demonstrate why they represent typical creationist canards, and do it without […]

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Pros and cons of chelation for lead exposure

Here’s an interesting little tidbit of a study: Newswise — Lead chelation therapy — a chemical treatment to remove lead from the body — can significantly reduce learning and behavioral problems that result from lead exposure, a Cornell study of young rats finds. However, in a further finding that has implications for the treatment of […]

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Searching the scientific literature through the years

After my experience with using (or, as at least one of my readers has suggested, misusing) my blog to get an article to which my university does not provide online access, it occurred to me just how much our means of accessing the scientific literature has changed in the last decade and just how radical […]

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Rappin’ protein synthesis?

Via a fellow SB’er , I find this video by the Protane Clan. It’s so-well….–unusual that I thought my readers might find it interesting (and maybe even entertaining), even though the actual rapping is kind of lame. If you’ve already seen this thanks to The Daily Transcript, feel free to move on. Otherwise, check it […]